Provincial Government has processed Covid-19 Fund Assistance for Jayapura City Government

The Assistant for Economy and People's Welfare of Papua, Muhammad Musa'ad, responds positively to the request for assistance in handling Covid-19 from Jayapura.

He ensured the assistance of Covid's handling funds was in the process of consolidation with all related parties. It's just that it still takes time for disbursement.

“We are still discussing. The government is the entrance to the budget, the parent budget and changes. For the Covid handling fund, we planned it at the beginning in the parent budget. So the requests for assistance from the City Government that have not yet entered will be encouraged in the revised budget”.

 “So, just be patient according to what the Deputy Governor of Klemen Tinal said, the Papua Provincial Government will help and we must obey the existing mechanism, " Musa'ad explained in Jayapura.

Musa'ad said in the process of filing a budget, cannot a direct request be fulfilled.

In other words, the request for assistance must still be consolidated with the relevant parties, so that after it is submitted, there will be no legal problems in the future

"Surely we will see again which part can shift the budget. But there is a mechanism that must be done by the government", he said.

Unknown, the Mayor of Jayapura Benhur Tommy Mano recently requested assistance from the Papua Provincial Government of IDR 19 billion to deal with Covid-19.

Jayapura City Government has previously made a budget of IDR 23 billion, so that there are increasingly limited funds.