National Sports Day, KONI Papua Held Healthy Road

In commemoration of National Sports Day (Haornas) September 9, 2020, the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of Papua Province held a healthy road while campaigning on the importance of exercising in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

General Secretary of KONI Papua, Kenius Kogoya,SP. M.Si accompanied by the Deputy Secretary, Drs. Daud Ngalin, M.Si led a healthy path that was followed by approximately 200 people consisting of the Board of Koni Papua, Province Training Center, Coaches and Athletes of PON Papua, with the route of Taman Imbi-Red Light Dok 2-The Governor's Office-KONI Office and Wisma Atlet Mandala. 

Kenius Kogoya said the goal of this healthy path in addition to sports and healthy living campaigns in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the activity is also to foster togetherness between KONI, Province Training Center, coaches, athletes and head of sports administrators of National Sports Week XX in 2021.

"On behalf of the Chairman of KONI and the entire ranks, I would like to thank all athletes and sports administrators who have participated in this activity. National Sports Day is the momentum of Papua's revival of achievements in PON XX in 2021,"Said Sekum KONI.

Put forward by Kenius, KONI Papua scheduled for National Sports Week in 2021 held a marathon race with participants involving all National Sports Week athletes. "KONI Papua will hold a marathon run next National Sports Day in 2021. This competition will be attended by all athletes so that we can see the extent of their readiness ahead of National Sports Week XX on October 02-13, 2021," he said.

On that occasion, he urged all athletes to take training seriously while paying attention to health protocols. In accordance with the target of KONI Papua on National Sports Week XX must be in the top five. Therefore, athletes are asked to improve their training in order to achieve the best achievements in the upcoming National Sports Week XX.

"I invite all athletes to practice in earnest. We must prove that we are able to present the best achievements in National Sports Week XX. KONI Chairman's target is Papua should enter the top five. But we are confident and optimistic it should be number one. We can do it, Papua will get champions," invite General Secretary of KONI.