Successful achievement of National Sports Week XX, KONI asks for Indigenous support

The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of Papua asks indigenous support to support the Training Center (TC) of Papuan athletes who will compete in the National Sports Week XX on 02-13 October 2021.

"We ask for support from indigenous peoples who are around the venue or sports training ground to support our athletes who are preparing National Sports Week," said Head of Achievement Coaching of KONI Papua, DR. Fredrik Sokoy,S.Sos.M.Sos interssed sports dialogue held by TVRI Papua.

Currently, said Sokoy, the government is building various international sports venues to succeed National Sports Week XX and also for the development of Papuan achievement sports in the future.

"Currently, the government builds international PON venues that need to be maintained by all elements of society including indigenous people. Papua will be a host again maybe in 50 or 100 years. That's why we ask the public to support this sport," hopefully.

Rector Assistant IV of Cenderawasih University also invited all Papuan coaches and athletes to undergo training in earnest in order to achieve the best achievement in National Sports Week. "This is the first National Sports Week in Papua and we want the athletes to achieve the best achievement so it will be recorded in history," said Fredrik Sokoy.

In the same place, KONI Papua Deputy Secretary Drs. Daud Ngabalin,M.Si said that KONI is currently focusing TC or concentration on athletes' training in preparation of National Sports Week XX.

"They are not only prepared for National Sports Week XX but for the long term prepared also for National Sports Week XXI which will be held in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province and North Sumatra," he said.

Ngabalin said, there are 1028 athletes who prepared for National Sports Week XX. 445 athletes are Papua's main athletes who are in time to enter TC centralization. Meanwhile, 583 athletes undergo decentralized centralized training by practicing from their own homes.

"KONI Papua together with Puslatprov, coaches and athletes together prepare the Papuan contingent to be ready to perform at PON XX,"he said.

KONI Papua targets the best achievements in PON XX. The Papuan contingent is expected to enter Indonesia's top 5 and first place outside java.