Papuan Wrestling is Now Being Handled By Yopi Murib

The new Chairman of Papua Provincial Wrestling Association (PGSI) in period 2020-2024, was elected in the PGSI Regional Deliberations on Thursday (15/10/2020).

It was Yopi Murib who was the sole candidate, elected by acclamation. In the hands of the new leadership, Papuan Wrestling is expected to be able to "talk a lot" both on the national and international scene.

"Especially for the development of Papuan athletes in order to be maximized in every district and city, including preparing athletes to perform brilliantly in the National Sports Week XX Papua," hoped KONI head of Papua Organization of KONI Danjte Nere, Thursday (12/10/2020), in Jayapura.

It said that, although only followed by a single candidate, the agenda of deliberation should be carried out in accordance with the mandate of AD/ART PGSI.

Legitimacy of management prepares the administration and athletes ahead of the upcoming National Sports Week XX in 2021.

"KONI Papua is currently pursuing 6 sports that have not done any deliberations, but today wrestling has done it and it is very good for the administrator going forward," he said.

Chairman of the Papua Wrestling Musda Committee Viktor M. Warkawani said that with the election of Yopi Murib as chairman of the council it is expected to lift Papua's wrestling achievements.

It hopes that all wrestling administrators will be able to give their full support, so that efforts to prepare athletes in the future more maximally to achieve in national and international events.

It is known that the Musda activities were attended by who voted for the election. Only Yapen Regency gave a mandate letter and Merauke was not present due to transportation problems.

"If Biak, Mimika, Jayapura and the provinces, represent one voice," he said.