Considering the Pandemic, the Inauguration of the Papua National Sports Week Venue Will Hold Virtual

The inauguration ceremony of National Sports Week XX Papua venue on October 20, 2020, is now virtually planned. The decision was agreed at a meeting of the Papua Provincial Government attended by Forkompinda, National Sports Week Committee and the local KONI. 

Papua Regional Secretary Doren Wakerkwa said the decision to hold the virtual event had gone through various considerations, feedback and suggestions.

"Moreover, the transmission of coronavirus in Jayapura city today continues to show a significant upward trend," he said.

Police Chief Irjen Pol. Paul Waterpauw said his side was in a dilemma. On the one hand support the spirit of National Sports Week implementation, but Papua is still facing a corona pandemic.

"We support the inauguration of the venue, but gathering the community is the problem because the Police Chief has been confirmed not giving permission in the form of crowds". 

"Essentially the mandate of the Act gives the police the authority to grant permission. But we haven't decided yet," he explained.

While addressing the virtual inauguration, the Daily Chairman of National Sports Week Committee Yunus Wonda confirmed that he had prepared plans A and B, addressing the current pandemic conditions.

Therefore, he immediately delivered the technical implementation of the inauguration of the venue virtually to the Police Chief Friday (16/10/2020), tomorrow. Hopefully it can be approved soon for the inauguration.

“Since planning the inauguration of our venue at National Sports Week Committee Papua, we already have plans A and B. Well related to virtual, we will try to make a design and report to the Police Chief.”

"So with the spirit of National Sports Week, we hope that the inauguration can still be held on October 20, 2020 even though the mechanism is virtually," he concluded.