People Are Asked to Watch the Inauguration of National Sports Week Venue from Home

The Papua Provincial Government decided to hold the inauguration of National Sports Week XX 2021 venue as well as other related agendas virtually.

This means that people are being asked to watch from home, in order to prevent Covid-19 transmission which is currently increasing sharply in Jayapura City.

"We represent the provincial government and as an executive committee apologize to all Indonesians and Papuans. We want to show the readiness as the host of National Sports Week with this event which will be attended and involve many parties". 

"But we have to make a decision to implement the government's health protocol recommendations regarding the need to avoid activities that gather many people," said the Chairman of National Sports Week Committee Papua, Yunus Wonda, in Jayapura on Friday.

He continued, the Papuan Police Chief as the original Papuan actually had a desire to support the activities of the Provincial Government and National Sports Week Committee.

It's just that he as a law enforcement officer is obliged to carry out the discipline of health protocols to prevent Covid-19.

"There is already agreement from the Police Chief. So there will be a license from the Papua Police that we are waiting for".

"But in principle, the Police Chief has agreed this activity is held virtually, there should be no spectators inside the stadium. So we apologize to the Papuans," he said. 

While the nine venues to be virtually inaugurated include Indoor and Outdoor shooting ranges, and Baseball Field in Auri Silas Papare Air Force Base, Volleyball and Sand Volleyball Field in Koya Koso.

Then the Tennis Court in Jayapura Mayor's Office Complex and Futsal Arena Sport Center in Timika, Papua Bangkit stadium changed to Lukas Enembe stadium, Gidi Arena Sport Center and Cenderawasih University Baseball/Softball Field.