Deputy Governor: Wash Your Hands To Avoid the Diseases

The Deputy Governor of Papua reminds the citizens to diligently wash their hands to avoid the attack of a number of diseases including Covid-19.

According to him, hands can be a source of germs, bacteria and viruses if we do not keep and wash hands regularly.

"We diligently wash our hands to prevent disease. And wash your hands with soap so that we avoid germs, viruses or bacteria," explained Klemen.

The Deputy Governor said recently the Papua Province commemorates World Hand Washing Day. That momentum reminds the public to wash their hands using soap so as not to just avoid Covid-19.

"Not even just Covid-19, once again hands if not cleaned well can bring other sources of disease".

"Among them is diarrhea, worming, malaria. If left unchecked, all these diseases could threaten all parties and future generations of the nation in Papua," 

He added that efforts to maintain health by diligently washing hands using soap.

The Deputy Governor also asked the public to be disciplined to wear masks and keep a distance to avoid Covid-19 which is currently quite significant. 

"Surely washing your hands is a simple thing. But from this simple thing we can save ourselves," he concluded.