Papua Provincial Government and Federal Republic of Germany Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Corruption Prevention

The Provincial Government of Papua, together with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany represented by the GIZ government organization, signed a virtual Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of corruption prevention, Friday (1/15/2021).

The MoU signing is a continuing cooperation on handling corruption since 2007, in the bilateral cooperation project, Assistance in Preventing and Combating Corruption (APCC).

"We appreciate the support provided by the German Government and the Papua Provincial Government in its commitment to continue to synergize with the Corruption Eradication Commission of the Republic of Indonesia and other stakeholders".

"In order to realize a clean, transparent and modern system of government with the main goal of community welfare in Papua," said Acting Regional Secretary of Papua Doren Wakerkwa, in his speech on the sidelines of the event.

According to Doren, good and accountable governance is the mission of the Governor of Papua for the welfare of the people in Papua.

However, there are many technical obstacles, such as human resources problems, technology, geographical location and others to cause corruption prevention efforts to be hampered.

Therefore, with the support of the German Government, it is optimistic that efforts to realize good governance or good and clean governance will be implemented.

"Moreover, in various cooperation of Papua with the German Government, has been carried out in the past two years, including the implementation of the study "Regional Budget Index and Regional Budget Analysis in Papua and West Papua (in collaboration with seknas FITRA)".

"Then there are workshops related to the development of electronic licensing in West Papua Province, the development of indigenous anti-corruption modules (in collaboration with AMAN and ICW), as well as strengthening the public sector and NGOs through the socialization of JAGA in Papua and West Papua. Moreover, GIZ institutions continue together with the Corruption Eradication Commission of the Republic of Indonesia to ensure the development of a corruption prevention system to be integrated," he explained.

It is known that the MoU event is virtually related to the prevention of corruption, followed by the Provincial Government of Papua, West Papua Province, a number of districts in Papua and West Papua, local NGOs, local universities and private parties.

There was also a panel discussion that discussed concerns about corruption prevention education for indigenous peoples, goods and services procurement system (BJP), index and regional budget analysis, as well as multi party platforms related to good governance in the forestry sector.

Regional Apparatus Organization within the Papua Provincial Government is actively involved in the activities, namely the Forest Service, BJP Service Bureau, Agency for Regional Development), Department of Education, Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency, Inspectorate, PTSP Office, Legal Bureau, Department of Health and Department of Communication and Informatics.