Papua Provincial Government Re-Enactment of Shift System

The Provincial Government of Papua has decided to re-enact the work shift system for the next three months, in order to minimize the number of COVID-19 transmission in Jayapura City and surrounding areas.

According to the Assistant for Economic and Welfare Affairs of the Papuan Secretariat, Muhammad Musa'ad, the work shift system will be divided by two days. Where for two days, the State Civil Servant of Papua Provincial Government will work at home and then the number of days working in the office.

"Then on Friday, do sports activities and other activities aimed at boosting the body's immune system," Musaad told reporters on Tuesday.

Musaad, said the Papua Provincial Government immediately sent a letter to the district and city governments in order to adopt the shift work system now implemented by the provincial government.

"The goal is to minimize the transmission of COVID-19," he said.

In addition, Musa'ad added, the Papua Provincial Government through the Covid-19 Task Force will also enforce health protocol discipline in accordance with Governor Regulation No. 32 of 2020. So through this step, it is expected to really suppress the spread of COVID-19 in Papua.

The same was conveyed by Acting Regional Secretary of Papua Province Doren Wakerkwa, while leading the last joint briefing the day before.

He said COVID-19 cases in Papua continue to increase significantly. Therefore, morning briefing for the next three months will be eliminated.

"We will re-enact a temporary halt to gathering activities through a joint briefing like this because the case of COVID-19 is very high".

"Similarly, for mechanisms and work systems, we have prepared a shift system for the next three months, with 50 percent working in the office and 50 percent working at home, while waiting for further developments," he said.