13 families affairs completed, Lukas Enembe Stadium Complex will be arranged two weeks later

The heavy task of the Papua Provincial Government in preparing for the implementation of National Sports Week XX 2021, which is only counting days, is now getting lighter.

The planned arrangement of the Lukas Enembe Stadium area had been hampered by the demand for replacement costs for the building, it is now settled.

The cost of around IDR 2.5 billion became a replacement cost for buildings and plants growing in the stadium complex area to the 13 families.

The symbolic handover was given by the Head of Papua Sports and Youth Department Alexander Kapisa, Tuesday (30/3/2021) at the Autonomous Office, Kotaraja, Jayapura.

"It has been handed over the replacement money to these 13 families and it has also been agreed that they will leave their homes in the Lukas Enembe Stadium area in two weeks from today (March 30, 2021)".

"So we hope the State Budget (related ministries), immediately conduct regional arrangements," Alexander told reporters.

Alexander claimed to be very happy that the issue could be resolved, because previously through a fairly complicated discussion process but still put forward the principle of family (persuasive).

Although in fact, there are regulations (without replacement fees) that can be done to the 13 families, considering they occupy land owned by the local government.

"Nevertheless we still put forward a persuasive way, so that after agreeing with the cost we make indicators to pay. So when it is finished paying there are no legal consequences awaiting," he said.

While each household gets a replacement fee according to the indicators that have been regulated by the government. Thus, each household will cost a different replacement.

Agustinus Buiney, one of the residents appreciated the attention of the Papua Sports and Youth Department.

"We are very grateful for the help of this replacement fee. And even though we have to get out of the house, we are actually proud to be able to help the implementation of National Sports Week," he said.