Media Workers should prioritize positive information related to Papua

The Papua Provincial Government views press workers as partners in disseminating information to the public.

With regard to that, Papua media crew was invited to put forward more positive information about the condition in Papua. For example, about poverty reduction, increasing Gini ratio and other related matters.

"Without intending to intervene in the media, I think many positive things about Papua have not been published very often. So the wider community also does not know about the results of development".

"Therefore, from the meeting of the Papua Provincial Government with press workers in this meeting, it is expected that there is a common perception through the news. So that the public knows the steps taken by the government to move forward and we are not impressed just stay in place," he explained at an information alignment meeting with media crews in Jayapura, Wednesday (28/04/2021)

He said that there is currently a lot of false information circulating on social media about the performance of the Papua Provincial Government.

Therefore, it is to build cooperation with the media crew, in producing news products in accordance with journalistic rules.

"It is also expected that media workers can help to provide verification, so that the public receives valid information," he hoped.

Jery on that occasion also advised, so that the momentum can encourage echoes of National Sports Week and National Paralympic Week of Papua this year.

Known, the meeting of the Papua Provincial Government and local journalists were also attended by Assistant Regional Secretary of Papua Muhammad Musa'ad, Chairman of National Paralympic Week of Papua Doren Wakerkwa, Secretary of National Sports Week Committee of Papua Elia Loupatty.