KPID Papua Supervises Broadcast Content of National Sports Week

The Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of Papua Province stated that it is ready to assist the Papua National Sports Week Committee, in supervising broadcasting institutions which will broadcast content related to the implementation of the national agenda. This was revealed by the Head of Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission of Papua Province, Rusni Abaidata, to the press, after a coordination meeting with National Sports Week Committee of Papua, in Jayapura, Wednesday (06/09/2021).

"The point of KPID Papua is to encourage the socialization of National Sports Week to the public. It's just that the content that is broadcast must not violate the rules of broadcasting," Rusni said.

In addition to the appropriate content, Rusni also reminded the committee of National Sports Week to cooperate with broadcasters (radio and television) that obtain broadcast permits.

"We don't want the committee of National Sports Week to have collaborated with one of the TV or radio stations and then the broadcasting institution itself is not registered as a legal broadcasting institution or has a broadcasting permit".

"There is no problem in the future when the committee of National Sports Week cooperates with TV and Radio," he said.

He added that in the near future, it will announce a number of broadcasters that have not obtained permits. This means that this institution is strictly prohibited from using the name for commercial activities, because it has the potential to get caught up in legal problems.

"It can be subject to civil or criminal law problems. Because if there is a broadcaster whose license has been revoked broadcasting license rights, then it is certainly not allowed to do activities," he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary IV of Public Relations, Kadkis A. Matdoan welcomed the initiative of KPID

"We welcome the initiative of KPID Papua so that we can know which broadcasting institutions we can work with".

"So that way, there will be no problems in broadcasting of National Sports Week content," he concluded.