Papua Provincial Government Immediately Issued a Circular on the Installation of National Sports week and National Paralympic Week Ornaments

The Papua Provincial Government immediately issued a circular related to the installation of ornaments National Sports Week (PON) XX and National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XVI in every section of roads, offices and businesses.

The circular obliges all government agencies, Military/Police, and all levels of society in Papua, to support the implementation of National Sports Week in Papua.

This was conveyed by Regional Secretary Dance Flassy, Wednesday (06/09/2021), after receiving a visit from the Ministry of Home Affairs, held in the Sasana hall of the Governor's Office, Jayapura.

The Ministry of Home Affairs visited Papua to check the readiness of the implementation of the National Sports Week XX and Paralympic Week XVI Papua.

According to him, the installation of ornaments is in order to socialize National Sports Week in Papua which is only a few months away.

Therefore, he hopes that the support of the community, so that the implementation of the two national agendas in Papua can be carried out as it should be.

While processing the readiness of National Sports Week and Paralympic Week, the Regional Secretary makes sure it is on track, both in terms of mentoring and other preparations.

Despite the statement of termination of PON preparation activities in Mimika by the Regent of Omaleng, Regional Secretary, Dance ensured that it was only because communication and coordination were not maximized.

"That's why I always remind you to continue to improve communication and coordination".

"The Regent of Mimika, Eltinus Omaleng related the budget for the Sub-committee of National Sports Week, he said, it's just a matter of communication only. I have communicated with him, I hope all parties can support the implementation of National Sports Week Papua," he concluded.

Eltinus Omaleng previously rejected a budget of IDR 100 billion for operations in the region. He also stopped all activities related to the implementation of National Sports Week.

This attitude was taken by the Regent of Mimika Regency, Eltinus Omaleng after holding an evaluation meeting, Monday (7/6/21) then, in the meeting room of the Secretariat Office of Sub-committee Mimika.