Papua Provincial Government Immediately Vaccinates "door to door"

The Papua Provincial Government immediately vaccinated COVID-19 "door to door" to improve coverage that is currently relatively low.

Assistant for The Economy and Welfare of the People's Secretary of Papua, Muhammad Musa'ad said that, addressing president Joko Widodo's direct instructions recently.

"To achieve the target, vaccination will be done door to door in order to support the implementation of National Sports Week in four clusters".

"In essence, the implementation of vaccination must reach 70 percent to achieve herd immunity before October," Musa'ad said, Friday (16/7/2021).

He targeted about 600 thousand people in four clusters of National Sports Week organizations, including Keerom District, mandatory to be vaccinated until the end of August.

Because until now, the progress is estimated to be only about 200 thousand people have been vaccinated.

"We have not calculated how many have been specially vaccinated in those five areas. In the near future it will be counted and confirmed. But indeed vaccination coverage to date is still relatively low. Various efforts were made by visiting the people's homes directly," he said.

Added, while to succeed in the acceleration of vaccination, the Papuan Government considers lockdown during August.

This aims to prevent vaccination treatment from being disrupted by additional confirmed cases of COVID-19.