Lockdown 28 Days in August, Mall and Supermarket Closed

Daily Executor (Plh) Papua Regional Secretary Doren Wakerkwa ensures the provincial government is getting closer to the policy of implementing lockdown in an effort to control the worsening spread of coronavirus infection.

The implementation of lockdown for 28 days in August 2021, not only closes the entrances in all sea ports and airports, also applies to malls, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and other public places.

"But for the application in the district and city, of course, it depends on the regent and mayor. This means that it can be arranged, for example a mall and supermarket can be opened with a specified time limit".

"Then restaurants or cafes can sell but take away food and drinks," he told the press, after a hearing on handling the COVID-19 pandemic with Governor Lukas Enembe and the regional apparatus organization, in Jayapura, Wednesday (21/07/2021).

Nevertheless, Doren continued, during the lockdown period (1 to 28 August 2021), inflows in and out of Papua for the benefit of PON and Peparnas 2021, can be allowed. "But the access entrance for the public will be closed," he said again.

In a few days, he added, technical discussions related to lockdown policy will be discussed with the relevant parties. The discussion reached sanctions for the parties who violated the lockdown provisions.

“The purpose of the implementation of this lockdown is certainly to save human lives because of the increasing transmission of this virus".

"Therefore, hopefully all parties can understand and implement the policy. Because the big goal is to control the coronavirus that is increasingly alarming in Papua," he concluded.