Jayapura Hospital Will Produce Medical Oxygen Next Month

Jayapura Hospital management is considering producing medical oxygen independently, addressing the increasing need due to the transmission of COVID-19.

According to the Director of Jayapura Hospital, Aloysius Giay, if there are no obstacles, the production of medical oxygen independently will start in the second week in August 2021.

"We have reported to the Governor and have followed up the relevant agencies. So that in the first week we install the device, then in the second week it can already produce independent medical oxygen that per day is estimated to produce as many as 300 tubes," he explained, in Jayapura, Wednesday (21/07/2021).

He said that the medical oxygen needs in Jayapura Hospital for COVID-19 patients who are temporarily treated, approximately 200 oxygen cylinders per day. Therefore, the policy of producing medical oxygen is considered very positive.

Nevertheless, he urged the public to be more compliant with the health protocols set by the government. Because at the moment, Jayapura Hospital is overwhelmed in handling coronavirus patients. The availability of rooms to accommodate COVID-19 patients is currently very limited.

"Even VIP rooms and classes for general patients, have now been abolished and used to accommodate corona patients," he said.

On that occasion, Aloysius hoped that hospitals in the Port Numbay area would avoid referring patients as much as possible due to the limitations of health facilities and medical personnel in Jayapura Hospital.