28 Athletes, Officials and Organizing Committees Tested Positive for Covid-19

JAYAPURA - A total of 28 athletes, officials and organizing committees involved in the implementation of the National Sports Week XX Papua, confirmed positive exposure to COVID-19 by local authorities.

COVID-19 Papua Task Force Spokesman Silwanus Sumule in Jayapura, Tuesday (5/10/2021) night confirmed it in front of reporters.

In fact, from the data as of October 5, 2021 until 20:00 Eastern Time Zone, the actual recorded cases as many as 29 cases were reported. But one of them has been declared cured.

"These 28 cases are still under treatment where the conditions are all asymptomatic and/or mild symptoms."

"The handling is done with centralized isolation, namely on ships that have been prepared by task force COVID-19 and National Sports Week Committee of Papua, then at partner hospitals that cooperate with National Sports Week Committee," he explained.

While as many as 29 cases of COVID for athletes, officials and organizing committees, reported in Mimika Regency 13 cases, Jayapura Regency 7 cases, Jayapura City 6 cases and Merauke Regency 3 cases.

The athletes, officials and organizing committees who tested positive for COVID-19 came from DKI Jakarta, North Sumatra, NTT, East Kalimantan, Banten, South Sulawesi, East Java and West Java.

"Those who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 are people who have been vaccinated twice," he concluded.

Known handling of COVID cases during the implementation of National Sports Week, namely, 3T or tracing, test and therapy for upstream. While downstream the COVID-19 Task Force prepares a number of hospitals either owned by the provincial government, provincial or municipal governments and partners.

The Papua COVID-19 task force also ensured that from the laboratory test results of all athletes, officials and organizing committees exposed, there was no new variant of coronavirus. ***