Ministry of Youth and Sports: Athletes tested positive for COVID-19, National Sports Week is still going on

JAYAPURA - Papua Task Force COVID-19 in an official statement last night (Tuesday) said as many as 28 athletes, officials and the organizing committee were exposed to the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali, during his visit in Jayapura stated that the implementation of National Sports Week continued with increased supervision and enforcement of health protocols at each venue.

"The match continues, while health protocol is maintained (and improved) according to the rules that have been set," said the Minister of Youth and Sports after watching the shooting race at the Shooting Arena, Kampung Harapan, Jayapura Regency, Wednesday (6/10).   

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will also call the Supervisory and Steering Committee and National Sports Week Committee of Papua to discuss handling related to this issue.

"So we hope to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission through various strategies, including strict enforcement of health protocols," he explained.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports on that occasion ensured that it would encourage tracing to track and control the transmission of the coronavirus during the implementation of National Sports Week.

He also appealed to the community of four clusters of National Sports Week to run strict health protocols to minimize transmission. ***