National Sports Week Committee Withdraw Sports Equipment at Venue

JAYAPURA - The Grand Committee of the National Sports Week XX Papua 2021 began to carry out an inventory and withdrawal of sports equipment used at quadrennial events.

However, the inventory and withdrawal process is only carried out on equipment that is not used by the committee of the National Paralympic of Papua.

"Essentially, all match equipment spent using the budget of the state budget and regional budget are all recorded, re-examined and withdrawn"

"Then it is handed over to the authorities," explained Chairman of Field I, Yusuf Yambe Yabdi, in Jayapura on Friday.

Meanwhile, before being handed over, the equipment will previously be examined by the team of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia.

"After the examination by the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, the government will further collaborate with KONI, related to the use of equipment by each sport in Papua.

"This means that sports equipment and equipment that are in our four clusters inventory, later if the regional head (regent / mayor) wants the equipment to remain in his area, please collaborate with the governor.

"In principle our job is only to make sure all this equipment is good and ready to be re-examined before being given by the government to KONI," he explained. ***