Communications and Informatics of Papua: Regional Apparatus Organizations Must Implement the Principle of Public Information Disclosure

JAYAPURA – The Communications and Informatics Department of Papua encourages all Regional Apparatus Organizations of the provincial government to be able to carry out the principle and responsible public information disclosure.

This is as the mandate of Law No. 14 of 2008 on Public Information Disclosure, which requires public bodies to manage the state budget and regional budget and others, it is mandatory to report the progress of work and the use of budgets in their agencies to the public, whether requested or not.

"That's why Communications and Informatics of Papua continue to strive to maintain the momentum of information openness in the community by providing fast and timely information services, then providing convenience in getting public information in the field of communication and informatics needed cheaply and simply"

"Among them by creating a website that can be accessed by the community. In addition, the public can also apply to the Communications and Informatics and will be followed up directly by us what information is needed," Jeri explained in Jayapura, Monday (11/22/2021)

Still, according to Jeri, to maximize the performance of public information disclosure, each Regional Apparatus Organizations must form an Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) in charge of information facilities for the public. 

In addition, the information provided must be current, accurate and not misleading. So the public who access the data does not get the wrong information.

"Not until there, in response to requests for information it must also be presented quickly. Either through existing information media or preparing a dedicated and ready-to-serve information officer. At the same time conduct internal supervision and evaluation of implementing performance," he said.

Jeri said in an effort to support the openness of public information, his agency has built videotron in seven districts / cities to disseminate information digitally. Namely in Biak Numfor Regency, Mimika Regency, Merauke Regency, Jayapura Regency, Jayapura City, Wamena Regency and Nabire Regency.

"The goal is only one, which is so that the community can see the results of work that has been done in the Papua provincial government or the local government. This is as the commitment of the governor who wants public information disclosure in Papua can be carried out as it should be," he added. ***