The Corruption Eradication Commission Asks Inspectorate - Auditors in Papua to Intensify Assistance and Supervision

JAYAPURA - Vice Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Alexander Marwata called on all parties and people of the inspectorate and auditors in Papua to intensify assistance and supervision of governance in Papua.


"The MCP (Monitoring Center for Prevention) in Papua is still low," Alex said at the Coordination Meeting of the Papua Regional Assistance and Supervision Program, at the Hall of Financial and Development Supervision Agency (BPKP) Office, Tuesday, November 23, 2021.


Related to this, continued Alex, the Corruption Eradication Commission asks all parties to jointly carry out assistance and supervision functions in accordance with their respective duties to continue to encourage improvements in good governance in Papua as an effort to prevent corruption.


"The Corruption Eradication Commission has signed the MoU with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Financial and Development Supervision Agency for further MCP monitoring will be carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs as a local government development agency and BPKP that has representatives in each province. Hopefully, it will be more effective," explained Alex.

The Corruption Eradication Commission encourages inspectors as the implementer of a surveillance program in the area.


"So, if there is a regional head who has legal problems related to corruption then the inspectorate is also responsible, it means the inspectorate allows the head of the region to be entangled in corruption," Alex said.


Alex further explained this program is not only prevention, but also enforcement. No less than 266 community reports, he said, were received from Papua.


"We assess there is potential for corruption in it that does not always have to be handled because of the limitations of Corruption Eradication Commission authority. The community complaint report can also be submitted to the inspectorate for processing," he said.


However, Alex understands that the capacity of the inspectorate is still limited. Although, he said, from the aspect of the rules, the Inspectorate should have an Investigation Assistant Inspectorate and in fact not all have. This, he said, becomes the task of the Financial and Development Supervision Agency going forward.


Alex hopes that the meeting attended by all inspectorates and auditors from all local governments, Representatives of Financial Audit Agency, and Financial and Development Supervision Agency, also attended by representatives of the Indonesian Ombudsman (ORI) in Papua can strengthen synergy and collaboration of all parties in conducting assistance and supervision in the Papua region.


ORI, Alex said, can conduct evaluations and escorts or supervision of administration in local government. According to him, the abuse of authority and maladministration which is the authority of ORI, then ORI can coordinate with the inspectorate for the improvement of maladministration.


"It is the possibility of such maladministration causing state losses. It could be an administrative error, but it can cause state losses and can also be a case of corruption," he explained.


According to him, corruption cases have to do with maladministration of procedural errors and so on.


"If it is intentional and there is malicious intent, it will certainly be criminal," he concluded.


The Coordination Meeting of  Papua Regional Assistance and Supervision is attended by the Representative Chief of Financial and Development Supervision Agency, Yan Setiadi, the Representative Chief of Financial Audit Agency Arjuna Sakir, the Representative Chief of Indonesian Ombudsman Iwanggin Sabar Olif, Papua Provincial Inspector Anggiat Situmorang by offline, and all ranks of Inspectors and local government auditors in Papua by online. ***