Central Statistics Agency Encourage One Population Data With The Papua Provincial Government

JAYAPURA - The Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS) encourages the utilization of one population data in Papua with the local government, after releasing the results of the 2020 Population Census.

The population of Papua amounted to about 4.30 million people in September 2020, which experienced an increase of 1.47 million people.

Deputy of Indonesia Central Statistics Agency for Social Statistics Dr. Ateng Hartono said, there are many benefits that can be generated from the collaboration of one population data. Among other things, local governments in Papua can determine planning on target, until finally the use of the budget is now more efficient.

On the other hand, human development can become more measurable and accurate. "For example, planning the implementation of elections where voter data can be generated through the collaboration of one population data, up to the number of parliamentary seats and Papuan human resources that can be planned," said Ateng, in Jayapura, Thursday (2/12/2021).

Still, said Ateng, the collaboration of population data is the key to the implementation of development. Because the purpose of development is the welfare of the population in the region, where they act as subjects and objects.

"This means that by knowing the increasing population, there are automatically three components that are of concern to the local government.  "Birth, death and immigration," he said.

"With this data, also friends of the Regional Government can manage the data automatically, with more detailed indicators, such as what are the characteristics of young people in Papua," he said.

Ateng on that occasion hoped that the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic could end soon, so that in the next year it could register more freely to obtain the needed data. ***