Papua Provincial Government Needs Vaccination in Districts and Cities Minimizing Omicron Transmission

JAYAPURA - The Papua Provincial Government through the local COVID-19 Task Force confirmed that it has not found cases of new variants of omicron throughout the earth.

Nevertheless, the Papua Provincial Government has taken the step of issuing a Circular Letter of the Governor of Papua on efforts to anticipate the spread of the coronavirus which is valid until next February.

One of the points in the circular is accelerating vaccination in the area.

"There are still areas with low vaccination coverage. The Covid-19 task force must immediately coordinate with the Health Department to accelerate vaccination. This is a warning for us not to enter and have an impact on the community," said Covid-19 Papua Task Force Spokesman Silwanus Sumule when contacted in Jayapura on Wednesday.

According to him, the anticipated steps of the omicron variant COVID virus are very important to be carried out by all relevant parties.

Especially after Christmas and New Year so that the soaring cases of COVID-19 in August 2021 then after the holiday was not repeated at the beginning of this year.

"Our experience in 2021 when a large spike in Covid-19 cases occurred from August to October which starts after the Eid holiday. So, it is necessary to get the attention of all citizens about this condition, "he explained.

Sumule hopes that people will not be caught off guard by the current conditions. Where the spread of the coronavirus is not as deadly as before.

Nevertheless, he hopes that the principle or efforts to suppress coronavirus transmission can continue to be encouraged, including using masks in public places.

Head of Health Department of Jayapura, Ni Nyoman Sri Antari expects related institutions at all port entrances and airports, can maximize the supervision of the flow of passengers entering Jayapura City.

"The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries must be ready at airports and ports. People who have just returned should also be self-isolated, we do not know what the condition is in the plane or ship," he said.

He added, his own party still routinely conducts rapid tests on passengers who have just disembarked from the ship. But the test was only a few samples and focused on passengers who came from Java island. ***