Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) of Jayapura Ensures Clean Water Service Is Immediately Normal

JAYAPURA - A number of main transmission and distribution pipes belonging to Regional Drinking Water Company of Jayapura suffered severe damage due to heavy rains in the local area on Thursday (6/1/2022) night.

As a result, thousands of customers were underserved with clean water after heavy rains that caused floods to landslides in some regions of Jayapura.

Director of Regional Drinking Water Company of Jayapura, Entis Sutisna told reporters that the repair process is still being carried out to this day, especially in the Kojabu and Kampwolker water source areas.

It targets all clean water services to customers, and will return to 100 percent normal on Wednesday (12/1/2022).

"The damage in Kojabu intakes is severe enough to cause why the repair process is still carried out to this day. But we predicted the service can return to normal on January 12," said Entis, Monday (10/1/2022), in Jayapura.

According to him, the process of repairing transmission and distribution pipes in the North Jayapura region has now been completed since Sunday (9/1/2022) afternoon. It's just that for the South Jayapura area it still takes a few days to repair a broken pipe in the Jaya Asri area.

"Our thoughts for the improvement of clean water services in the South Jayapura region have been completed. It turned out that this morning there was a pipe damage on an alternative road near Jaya Asri. And we've fixed it today as well," he said.

Entis hopes the community can be patient waiting for the temporary repair process to take place. So if there are no significant obstacles, it is estimated that clean water services to the community can be restored 100 percent in the next two days.

"Hopefully the weather will support repair by our team."