Disaster Logistics Assistance of Ministry of Social Affairs Will Be Handed Over by Governor Enembe

JAYAPURA - Acting Head of Papua Social Department, Nius Wenda ensured that natural disaster logistics assistance from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs will be handed over by Papua Governor Lukas Enembe to victims of floods and landslides in Jayapura and surrounding areas.

Assistance in the form of 20 tons of rice and basic necessities such as blankets, mattresses, clothes, toothbrushes and bath soap, is currently on the way from Jakarta to Jayapura, which is certain to arrive in the near future.

"We have written about the request for logistical support to the Ministry of Social Affairs to respond to natural disasters in Jayapura"

"They have also answered our letter and conveyed it to us. The logistical assistance is on the way and will likely arrive in the near future which will be handed over by the regional head," Nius said in Jayapura on Monday.

He said that the Papua Provincial Government through the agency had recently distributed assistance as much as five tons of rice and fast food on the first day after the flood and landslide disaster in Jayapura City.

It has also set up a food bank in Tanah Hitam, Jayapura City on the second day after the natural disaster to help meet the needs of disaster victims.

"Indeed in recent years there have been disasters that occurred in districts and cities in Papua, so our logistics are not enough (to meet the needs of the current disaster)".

"But we are still trying to encourage the provision of initial assistance so that the needs of the people victims of this disaster can be met," he concluded. ***