Gakeslab Papua Encouraged to Routinely Update Medical Equipment and Laboratories

JAYAPURA - The Papua Provincial Government encourages the local Laboratory and Medical Equipment Companies (Gakeslab) to routinely upgrade laboratory and medical equipment, so that health services run more optimally.

Gakeslab is also asked to periodically inform the development of medical equipment and laboratories in Papua.

This was conveyed by the Assistant for Economy and Development of the Papua Regional Secretary, Muhammad Musaad, after opening the Provincial Deliberation III of the Papua Medical Equipment and Laboratory Company (GAKESLAB) in Jayapura City, Thursday (12/5/2022).

Musa'ad said, Gakeslab is a strategic partner of the government, so it is expected to be able to optimize the procurement of medical equipment and laboratories in domestic production, to support government policies.

"Including supporting the program to accelerate the use of domestic production".

Meanwhile, regarding the implementation of the Provincial Deliberation of Gakeslab, Musaad expects the new administrators to be appointed, in order to improve communication with regional heads in 29 districts / cities in Papua.

"Because the role of districts / cities becomes important following changes in the special autonomy fund distribution scheme".

"In addition, Special Autonomy funds have now been distributed to the region, so it is expected to be utilized optimally to equip health centers or hospitals with information from GAKESLAB Papua," he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Gakeslab Indonesia, Sugihadi, ensured that all its members in the region were ready to support the policy of using domestic production. 

"We also already have a domestic medical device manufacturer, but not for super sophisticated equipment. Of course, this manufacturer continues to strive from year to year to develop more sophisticated equipment," he said.

Sugihadi also encouraged the Gakeslab management at the provincial-level to cooperate with the local government in providing correct information regarding the quality and quality of medical equipment offered or purchased by hospitals. ***