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The Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) of the Republic of Indonesia donated eight units of laptop to high educational institutions in the Papua Province.
In less than a month, the concurrent elections 2020 will be held in 11 districts and cities including Keerom.
Facing the current Covid-19 pandemic, new members of Papua Family Welfare Empowerment Mobilization Team (TP PKK) are being asked to get closer to the community.
Indonesia's National Sports Committee (KONI) has approved training equipment for 37 sports that are currently distributed, in accordance with standards and have received the approval of the relevant administrators.
The National Civil Service Agency (BKN) ensures the policy of appointing 20 thousands of honorary workers in Papua, still in process.
Patatas Factory owned by the Provincial Government of Papua along with 10 hectares of abandoned land in Arsopura Village, Skanto District, Keerom Regency, was immediately utilized by local farmers to grow and process corn and cassava.
A total of 44 functional officials in the Papua Provincial Government, officially appointed, inaugurated by The Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal, at Dok V State Building Jayapura, Thursday (5/11/2020) afternoon.
Regional Staffing Agency (BKD) of Papua Province reminds all civil servants of the country (ASN) who advanced in the 2020 concurrent elections to immediately submit a letter of resignation in writing.
Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal said he did not follow the process of establishing a Definitive Papuan Regional Secretary, as government and development services activities in Papua are currently running normally.
The Papuan Provincial Government paved the way for the Keerom Government to utilize unused assets for the benefit of economic improvement and the welfare of the Papuan.
The Agriculture and Horticulture Department of Papua continues to encourage the expansion of red fruit land planting areas, including the preparation of processing into beverages, food, soap and even medicine.
PT Telkom Indonesia guarantees the availability of a capable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) network throughout the implementation of National Sports Week (PON) XX Papua 2021.