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The Education, Library and Regional Archives Department of Papua moved quickly to welcome Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) from the Government. About 2,834 honorary teachers in Papua will be sought to receive wage subsidy assistance prepared by the Ministry of Education of Republic of Indonesia.
PT. Bank Papua Regional Development Bank (BPD) will issue ATM cards with National Sports Week XX 2021 logo.
The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Papua announced that exports in October 2020 were recorded at US$212.69 million or an increase of 3.72 percent compared to the previous month of US$205.06 million.
The head of Regional Staffing Agency (BKD) of Papua, Nicolaus Wenda, who has consulted about dozens of echelon III and IV officials in the provincial government, has officially resigned after being appointed in August 2020.
Aquatic Venue, Kampung Harapan Jayapura Regency, whose construction has been completed 100 percent, was confirmed immediately submitted to the Papua Provincial Government, at the end of this year.
Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal confirmed that he will evaluate the performance of Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) leaders every six months.
Head of Sports and Youth Office, Alexander Kapisa said a number of venues built from regional budget and state budget funds, have now been completed 100 percent.
Regent of Keerom, Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun, SE, MM ensured that a number of villages in his area had not received Covid-19 social assistance.
The government invites the world of education in Papua, consisting of lecturers, teachers and students, in order to be a role model and the vanguard in realizing and disseminating the country's martial values, in their respective environments.
The Ministry of Defense (Kemhan) of the Republic of Indonesia donated eight units of laptop to high educational institutions in the Papua Province.
In less than a month, the concurrent elections 2020 will be held in 11 districts and cities including Keerom.
Facing the current Covid-19 pandemic, new members of Papua Family Welfare Empowerment Mobilization Team (TP PKK) are being asked to get closer to the community.