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A total of 54 coaches, assistant coaches and official (37 sports) National Sports Week XX Papua participated in masseur skills improvement training, Monday (12/10/2020), at KONI Papua Office Hall.
The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment in Indonesia in cooperation with the Papua Provincial Government is currently encouraging hydropower investment in Mamberamo Raya Regency.
Acting Interim Regent of Keerom, Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun, SE, MM, instructed the ministry of the East Arso District office, to immediately actively return to providing services to the community.
Papua Governor Lukas Enembe instructed all Regional Apparatus Organizations in their environment to maximize labor-intensive programs in order to increase people's purchasing power.
University of Cenderawasih of Jayapura is firmly committed to supporting the successful implementation of National Sports Week XX Papua in October 2021.
The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Papua (DKP) is still prioritizing the management of the budget to support the implementation of National Sports Week (PON) XX.
Regent Interim of Keerom, Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun, SE, MM, officially published a circular on State Civil Apparatus neutrality control guidelines in the 2020 election.
Selection Committee of Primary High Leadership Position of Regional Secretariat of Puncak Jaya ensures that there is no entrant in the process that has been running since September 25, 2020.
Regent Interim Waropen Muhammad Musa'ad requested that all face-to-face school activities in his area be temporarily suspended.
Regional Secretary of Papua Doren Wakerkwa reminded the seven newly appointed Regents (interim) Officials to encourage the issuance of the Regional Head Regulation (Perkada) on the enforcement of health protocol disciplines.
In addition to National Sports Week XX Papua in 2021, national athletes received invitations to strengthen the Indonesian contingent at the Vietnam Sea Games as well as the U-20 World Cup.
The inauguration ceremony of Lukas Enembe Stadium on October 20, 2020 precisely in Kampung Harapan, Jayapura Regency, will be sure to be enlivened with skydiving attractions from athletes who will compete in PON XX 2021.