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Papua's Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released data on the population of 4.30 million people in Papua. This number is obtained from the results of the Population Census in September 2020 (SP2020).
Welcome to the Sea Toll at Depapre Port, Jayapura Regency, this is reminiscent of the end of World War II, in which Allied forces landed their large Warships in Papua at the eastern tip of the Archipelago, but the events of Wednesday, January 27, 2021 are a new history for Papua to have a port with a shady bay at the end of the Pacific that is carried by ships with a capacity of 3,000 GWT carrying more staples to move the wheels of Papuan economy.
The Papua Provincial Government continues to encourage the central government to map indigenous areas throughout the district and city. This is due to the complexity of land problems that occur throughout Papua.
Head of the Communication and Informatics Department of Papua Province Jery Yudianto asked the public to submit the issue of racism which was later discussed to the authorities (police).
Acting Regional Secretary of Papua Doren Wakerkwa instructed all Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) within the provincial government to conduct regular worship every Monday, before conducting government and public service activities.
The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (LHK) this year programmed the planting of 5,000 mangrove seedlings in a number of areas in Papua Province.
Acting Secretary of Papua Doren Wakerkwa instructed all Regional Apparatus Organization prepare data for the Local Government Financial Report (LKPD) 2020.
The Communication and Informatics Department (Kominfo) of Papua invites press workers to put forward a journalist's code of conduct in making news.
General Secretary of the National Sports Week (PON) XX Papua, Elia I. Loupatty expects press workers to participate in promoting culture, such as the Dances of Papua when the four-yearly event is held next October.

The Provincial Government of Papua held its first briefing in the third week of January 2021, on the Page of the Governor's Office, Jayapura.
Educators, such as teachers and lecturers, are proposed to be recipients of priority Sinovac Vaccines, just like health workers.