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Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal encouraged the establishment of an emergency response unit to address issues such as security disruptions affecting the community.

The protracted armed conflict in Intan Jaya has left thousands of citizens displaced and afraid to do gardening. The threat of famine is still waiting in sight, although local governments have taken a number of steps.
Papua's Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) released exports data in January 2021 worth US$232.22 million or decreased by 42.96 percent compared to the previous month of US$ 407.13 million.
The Papua Provincial Government officially enacted the Enforcement of Public Health Protocol Discipline (PDPKM) in Papua as of February 17, 2021, in order to prevent, control and enforce health protocol laws.
The Papua Provincial Government requires the implementation of Work From Home (WFH) system for 50 percent of government, state-owned and private office workers, as well as the rules of enforcement of Public Health Protocol Discipline Enforcement.
The Forest Service of Papua Province is encouraging the development of Yokiwa Village, Jayapura Regency, to be one of the pilot models of ecotourism development in Papua.
The National Sports Week Committee of Papua invites State Owned Enterprise and Regional Owned Enterprise to succeed the national agenda, which will be held on October 2 to 13, 2021.
The Provincial Government of Papua stated that it has agreed with the Mimika Regency Government regarding the establishment of PT. Papua Divestasi Mandiri.
The results of a search by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Papua Province revealed that the number of poor urban areas increased by 0.12 percentage points to 4.59 percent (from 4.47 percent) in March 2020.
Papua Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal instructed relevant agencies to immediately step down to help deal with the flooding in Keerom Regency, due to recent heavy rainfall.

The Provincial Government of Papua is currently focusing on encouraging the implementation of e-government-based government. Where the entire Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) at the provincial le