Appointed by National Selection Committee, Selection Results of Civil Servant Candidate on formation 2018 cannot be changed

The Head of Personnel Agency (BKD), Nicolaus Wenda, Province ensures the names from the selection result of  Civil Servant Candidates 2018 formation that has been set by the National Selection Committee cannot be changed by anyone including the regional head.

Therefore, he ensures that the entire process of determining Civil Servant Candidates 2018 in Papua is free from any intervention.

"The governor and the regent or mayor cannot replace. It means that the name that has been established by the National Selection Committee is no longer replaceable, "explained Nicolaus in Jayapura, Monday (July 27, 2020).

While related to the announcement of the results of Civil Servant Candidates 2018 test for Papua provincial government, he is sure to be announced this week. It is awaiting approval from the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe.

"Results Selection for Civil Servant Candidates 2018 formation for the province is waiting for the governor's signature. After it was signed it was immediately announced this week and strived not to pass through 31 July 2020", Nicolaus said.

While related to Civil Servant Candidates announcements in regencies and cities, he said he did not know for sure, but according to the agreement, it must be announced at the latest on July 31, 2020.

"Indeed we return to each area to announce. But the obvious before announcing they had to input first to us at BKD then to the governor of Papua, "he said.

“Indeed, we returned to our respective regions to announce it. But before announcing, they must first inform the Personnel Agency then to the governor of Papua", he said.

It is known that for receiving the Civil Servant Candidates 2018 Formation, the quota for the Papua Provincial Government is 606, with 80% recruiting native Papuans (OAP) and 20% for non-OAP or migrant communities.