Musa’ad: The Special Autonomy Constitution Is Outdated Needing to Be Revised Immediately

The Papua provincial government expects Law No. 21 of 2001 on special Autonomy (Otsus) can be promptly revised by Jakarta, in order to maximize the implementation of development and community in Papua.

According to him, the dynamics of the development and needs of the Papuan people at this time are to be moving slowly with the authorities granted in the Special Autonomy Constitution 

So if not immediately revised, development and public change in Papua will run slowly.

"The Special Autonomy existed from 2001. It is now 2020 or already running 20 years. This means that the law of Special Autonomy is obsolete and is no longer able to respond to the social dynamics of the community in Papua. "

"So that if the Special Autonomy Constitution is no longer able to accommodate the aspirations and interests of Papua, it means to be revised so as to give maximum results," he said.

Thus when there is a discourse to revise The Special Autonomy Constitution, Musa'ad expects the full support of the community regarding the discourse revising the The Special Autonomy Constitution, in the interest of all people who are on the land of Papua. 

"The Special Autonomy is management of governance. So there is nothing to do with other aspects. "

"That is, we do not talk about other aspects but only in the context of management. How we manage the government well and honestly at this time of the Special Autonomy is very important in the management of government in Papua, "he opened.