The Deputy Governor The New Normal Adaptation Will be Begun Next Month

The Deputy Governor of Klemen Tinal ensures the implementation of a new normal adaptation will be implemented in early August 2020.

The certainty after his party held a meeting with the head of regional device organization in Jayapura on Thursday (30/7/2020).

"Generally, Papua is no longer a relaxation anymore, but a new normal adaptation. It means that the stage-2 of relaxation policy will end on July 31, 2020 ".

"So replaced with a new normal adaptation that will be enforced early next month," he explained.

Nevertheless, Klemen said the implementation of the new normal adaptation does not apply to the city of Jayapura which currently has a high level of coronavirus transmission.

Therefore, he asked all parties in Jayapura to continue improving the discipline of running health protocols, so that the transmission of Covid could be reduced.

Meanwhile, with the new normal adaptations, the Klemen, a district other than Jayapura City can return to activity normally.

The schools, offices, and economic activities in the market or elsewhere can run as before but must be in healthcare protocols.

Such as preparing a place to wash hands, a seat away, must wear masks inside and outside the room and away from the crowd.

"So with this implementation, we hope that transmission can be suppressed but return to the public awareness. Because all the efforts of handling the Covid-19 will not succeed if the community does not change the mindset and discipline of implementing the health protocol”, he said.

On that occasion, Klemen ensures that with the adoption of new normal adaptations, the teaching and learning process in school can already be done but it must pay attention to health protocols. Except in Jayapura City, it cannot be done because almost all districts are in the red zone.

We ask that the youth in each district with the Covid-19 Task Force actively make the public aware of discipline. So we will involve youth in each village to fight corona transmission”, he said.