Physical Projects Abolished in Revised Regional Budget Revenues and Expenditures 2020

Plenary meeting in the framework of Coordination Meeting determination on changes to Revised Regional Budget Revenues and Expenditures (ABPD) fiscal year 2020 at Jayapura DPRP office. It opened on Monday (Sept. 14, 2020).

It is certain that no physical work will be pushed into the 2020 Change Budget, as it has been shifted to the 2021 Master Budget.

"The Provincial Government of Papua and DPRP agreed that no-budget for large categories of physical work in the 2020 Budget-Change," explained Deputy Governor of Papua, Klemen Tinal, at Jayapura DPRP office, Monday (9/14/2020).

Tinal on that occasion instructed the technical agencies that in the 2020 Master Budget had been working on physical projects, in order to pay according to the presents that had been done.

"Until September 2020 this is done up to 80 percent, and then paid according to the results. Because in the budget revised 2020, there is no longer any physical work even for the advanced work," he explained.

The Deputy Governor added that the shift of all physical projects to the 2021 Master Budget, due to Papua condition currently is being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Where it does not want to take risks, there is covid-19 transmission due to large-scale physical work in Papua.

"Basically we are sliding all physical projects into next year to break the covid-19 spread link, because most of the workers (handymen) who work are originally from outside Papua. We don't want any new clusters," he concluded.

DPRP Chairman Johny Banua Rouw agreed with the policy. Moreover, the use of the 2020 budget is only effective for 2 months.