Regional Employment Agency Papua : ASN Involved In Elections Ready in Fired

Head of Regional Employment Agency (BKD) Papua Nicolaus Wenda reminded all State Civil Apparatus (ASN) to be neutral in simultaneous elections in 11 districts and cities. Because the threat of dismissal to the parties who are proven to be directly involved, it is the real thing and immediately waits in sight.

Until now there has not reported yet to us that any State Civil Apparatus has become a successful team or is directly involved

"However, if proven, we will immediately impose sanctions, it is legal dismissal," he explained in Jayapura, Tuesday (Sept. 15, 2020).

He asked the public to report to him immediately, if he found a civil servant who was campaigning for a candidate for regional head. Of course, it must attach accurate evidence so as not to be defamatory.

"Suppose carrying photo evidence, of course we will immediately search. If it's true we take action."

"The point is not to come forward with information that only he said, because it should not be defamatory," he said.

Nicolaus on that occasion reminded all civil servants in Papua to be wise in using their own social media. For the wrong action will immediately bear bitter fruit for them.

Because now, giving “likes” or ``likes uploads related to the campaign activities of certain candidate pairs can be categorized as violations of election neutrality. It is considered to have supported one of the pair of candidates.

"Or an ASN uploading or displaying on his social media the campaign activities of the candidate's spouse are already part of the form of giving support," he explained.