130 Formations Quota of Civil Servant Candidates Prioritized For Honorary Workers in 11 Districts

Keerom District Government this year received a quota of 130 Civil Servant Candidate formations, which will be prioritized for educators or health workers in 11 districts.

In addition to prioritizing honorary workers to be appointed, the new quota, the entire formation is required to be filled by Keerom natives and domiciled in 11 nearby districts.

"There are 130 new formations that Keerom Government gets, so our policy of quota will be prioritized for the indigenous people of the local district so that he lives and works there".

"But also we put the honorary workers first," explained the Regent (Interim) of Keerom, Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun, SE, MM, in a meeting with the District Head discussing the new quota, in Keerom, Monday (12/10/2020).

Therefore, Ridwan immediately ordered 11 district heads in Keerom Regency to conduct data collection for honorary workers in this area. It must also be ensured that the recorded honorary workers are local residents.

"I have ordered the district head to record honorary workers in public health center or school that has served for many years"

"Basically this time the Civil Servant Candidates quota must be entirely filled by the Keerom citizen that was raised. With this method, there will be additional State Civil Apparatus in 11 districts that can be the Prime Mover of Economic in the region," he hoped.

Ridwan on that occasion asked all parties to be able to control the process of receiving the new Civil Servant Candidates quota, even though the initial authority was given to the district.

He also ensured the stage process would be transparent. "Because after the data is submitted by the district head to Regional Employment Agency (BKD), the data will be immediately visible to everyone". 

"Well, that's where the indigenous council and all parties look and evaluate if it's true they're honorary workers who live there," he said.