Head of Keerom District Found Senggi District Office Not Operating During Surprise Inspection

An unusual sight was seen in Senggi District Office, Keerom Regency when Interim Regent Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun conducted a surprise inspection, Wednesday (14/10/2020) evening.

Accompanied by the Secretary, Assistant and a number of local heads of Regional Apparatus Organization, Regent Ridwan found that the district office was no longer operating properly.

Not even a single employee was seen in that office. Allegedly, the public interest ministry had stopped completely for a few days even weeks ago.

The Regent immediately summoned the Head of Senggi District and staff to ask the reasons why the office is not in operation.

If proven negligent or leave the place of duty intentionally until the service work is abandoned, decisive action to evaluate (dismissal from office) will be taken.

"There will be an evaluation (of the Head of Senggi District)," Ridwan told the press, after surprise inspection.

The regent on that occasion also checked a number of public services in remote areas, including Web District, Waris District and Yaffi District.

He appreciated the number of public health centers that continue to operate despite limitations in various things.

"I appreciate the medical personnel at Senggi Public Health Center, Yabanda and Ubrub. Even though it is located in a remote area, it still carries out its services optimally".

"In the future, we will pay attention to their welfare because my presence here is not to look for mistakes. But to find out the constraints of health officials or districts and then offer help and solutions," he concluded.