25 Officers of Keerom Hospital Exposed to Covid-19, People Are Advised to Go to Public Health Centers

Keerom District Government advises its residents to visit the nearest health center, if they want to get health services.

The public has not been advised to visit Kwaingga Keerom Hospital, with regard to the exposure of 25 officers who have been confirmed positive for Covid-19.

"Indeed for unconfirmed officers, they stayed in and focused on opening services at Kwaingga Keerom Hospital".

"But for patients who want to treat, it is recommended to go to Public Health Centers first because it is still safe. If only mild pain such as hives or cough directly to Public Health Centers just do not go to the Emergency Room first," said Interim Regent Keerom Ridwan Rumasukun, Wednesday, in Arso.

According to him, patients with heavy categories can be referred to the hospital. It's just that he's asking the public to remain disciplined in carrying out health protocols.

"Because it depends on our own. Try not to bring the virus home," he explained.

Ridwan added that it is currently cooperating with leaders in Keerom to socialize the discipline of health protocols to prevent covid-19 transmission.

He has also issued a Medical Protocol Disciplinary law containing sanctions for violators.

Nevertheless he chose not to impose the sanction because it has not socialized to the community.

"Because I think the application of sanctions without this socialization can have a negative effect. But if it is preceded by good and effective socialization, people will want to use it without having to sanction," he said.