The Inauguration of Server Room and The Usage of Fiber Optic Network Interconnection of Boven Digoel Regency

Regent (Interim) of Boven Digoel Regency Officially Inaugurated Room Server and Usage of Fiber Optic Interconnection Network between Regional Apparatus Organizations of Boven Digoel Regency. The activity was held at Communication and Informatics Department in the Field of E-Government of Boven Digoel Regency (15/10/2020).

The purpose of E-government is to improve the performance and function of government services through the usage of digital technology or online services, in order to inform community activities to encourage community participation in providing effective and efficient input for the realization of good governance.

It was attended by Regent of Boven Digoel, Dandim 1711 Boven Digoel, Regional Secretariat of Boven Digoel, Chairman of the Regional People's Representatives Council of Boven Digoel, and all leaders of Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) Boven Digoel Regency.

The head of the Communication and Informatics office of Boven Digoel, Lambertus I. Fatruan, ST, reported on the use of fiber optic interconnection network that is already running from 2019.

Therefore in 2020 with this covid-19 situation we have implemented virtual teleconference services, online graduation of students, online learning for students as well as thesis exams conducted with national universities (UNAS) dedicated online thesis exams for teachers, virtual services for Regional Apparatus Organizations and virtual teleconference service already running from April until now. 

He continued that with the damage in some Regional Apparatus Organizations related to the usage of fiber optic interconnection network, and then we hope the budget changes this year can fix everything so that each OPD can use internet. 

Lambertus also entwines with a capacity of 100 Mbps will be difficult to be able to meet all OPD then when it is normal OPD can understand each other. There are eight OPD that must be prioritized in the usage of fiber optic interconnection network.

Meanwhile, Paskalis Netep said the advancement of communication and information technology has a very wide impact on the demands of change in the lives of national and state.

This is because according to the current information has been held among the public at large thus the need for information from the public is higher especially information from the central government. 

"Various government programs and policies concerning the implementation of development and community services that have been lost, it will be implemented in order to achieve the achievement of development goals for prosperous society."

He added that e-government is the application of information and applications in the system that governs the development and service to the community. 

Through the role of duties and functions of the communication and informatics office Boven Digoel district has certainly tried in response the infrastructure readiness of information and communication technology where the usage of fiber optic interconnection network to all OPD has begun since 2019.

The development of the internet network has certainly become a vital need in every field that provides services based on electronics and as a technical service which has a field of development based on information technology

The Communication and Informatics Department of Boven Digoel is required to make a breakthrough that is able to serve the needs of all agencies within the scope of the regional government of Boven Digoel. The communication and informatics agency through PT. Mora telematics Indonesia has worked together to build infrastructure for the usage of fiber optic interconnection networks as well as 100 Mbps with the system.

And in the future we will continue to combine with highly advanced information technology so that the utilization of central Jakarta server space at the Communication and Informatics Department, for supporting and accommodating all e-government Management Information System applications for OPDs related to central policies and the editorial staff of the Papua province KPK.

He also said that the server room will become a data center that has the ability to organize and manage the implementation of information and communication technology services in Boven Digoel regency.