State Civil Apparatus of Papua Provincial Government Returns to Work from Home

The Papua Provincial Government has decided the work from home policy for all State Civil Apparatus, from October 19, 2020 to January 19, 2021.

The policy concerns the results of swab checks to all State Civil Apparatus in the Papua Provincial Government, of which 25 percent are covid-19 positive.

Not even recently it was known that a civil servant of the Papua Provincial Government had been declared dead due to exposure to Covid-19.

"It's a step both from the governor and the deputy governor to protect the entire staff. Therefore, I hope to be done as best I can," said Regional Secretary of Papua, Doren Wakerkwa, in Jayapura, Monday (19/10/2020).

Doren also confirmed on Tuesday (10/20/2020), the governor's circular letter for working from home policy for State Civil Apparatus in the Papua Provincial Government, will be delivered to all Local Government Organizations.

Despite working from home, Doren hopes that State Civil Apparatus will remain productive in carrying out the duties given by superiors.

"That's why I ask Regional Apparatus Organization leaders to be able to manage, what kind of work patterns so that the services of this government can remain maximal even if working from home".

"Because my hope is the physical and multi-year work will continue as planned until the end of the fiscal year. The main thing is the absorption of the entire OPD budget must be completed by December 20, 2020. So that all accountability reports can be completed before the end of December," he said.

Head of Papuan Information Service Jery A. Yudianto said he was ready to carry out the instructions of the Papuan Secretary. He immediately held a meeting with the head of the field to do the division of duties when all staff were working from home. 

"With this division of tasks it is hoped that all work can be completed properly," he said.