State Civil Apparatus of Keerom Asked to Maintain Professionalism

The state civil apparatus (ASN) is encouraged to maintain neutrality and professionalism in the implementation of the concurrent elections upcoming December 2020.

ASN's impartiality has the potential to have a negative impact on society, more specifically in internal governance.

"Not neutral ASN will interfere with the quality of public service and the independence of public servants".

"The point is I want the implementation of Keerom elections not to be smeared with ASN in neutrality," explained the Acting Interim Regent of Keerom, Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Rumasukun, SE, MM, in Arso, Tuesday (10/20/2020).

Ridwan recently said he had met with a number of district chiefs to ask them to create a dignified, honest and fair Keerom Election in each of his regions.

"But the main thing is also to encourage that no one is exposed to covid-19".

"And this is also the task of ASN at the very bottom level. Because the role of ASN among others is to succeed in the implementation of elections through their respective areas of duty," he said.

Ridwan added that not long ago he had published a Circular on ASN neutrality in Keerom as an anticipation measure as well as a handle for ASN in the lead-up to the Election.

He also asked all components, especially Regional Head Elections organizers to maintain the spirit of the Regional Head Elections so that the next five years Keerom will truly be led by a fairly elected partner by the people.

"That way, we hope all components can work according to the main duty and function of organization. KPU carries out tasks proportionally and professionally, as well as Election Supervisory Agency, in the district to the village apparatus," he said.

On October 8, 2020, Keerom Regent published a circular on ASN neutrality in the Keerom Election.

Things that may not be done by ASN include showing support or uploading certain candidate pair activities to social media.

ASN is prohibited from participating in activities organized by certain candidate pairs during the Election phase.

The use of attributes of certain candidate pairs is prohibited from being used by ASN, either directly or on their personal property

Ridwan also emphasized that campaigning for certain candidate pairs will be a violation if carried out by ASN.

Official vehicles and equipment are prohibited from being used for personal interests by certain pairs of candidates.