Intan Jaya Regent Asked to Be Responsible for Controlling the Situation in His Region

Acting Secretary of Papua Doren Wakerkwa asked the Regent of Intan Jaya to be responsible for controlling the terror that occurred in his territory.

Despite understanding the current situation in the area, Doren considered that the citizens in Sugapa and its surroundings should not be left alone by the leader.

"All problems in the area (Intan Jaya) are the responsibility of the regent. I used to say in the paper (so that the regent organizes the government in Sugapa not in Nabire). But he denied that he carried out the task there (Intan Jaya)".

"I say it is not without reason, because I know exactly what happened on the mountain. That's why I told the regent not to (run the government) in Nabire continue. The Regent must go up (Sugapa) to carry out the duties of the government. So that people feel that their leaders are in place and they feel protected. So that if this is the case (there is terror) the regent must still take responsibility," said Doren in Jayapura, Wednesday (2/10/2021).

He reminded the regents who have been given the trust by the people and the state not to half-and-half carry out their duties. Considering, the problems in Intan Jaya have now adversely affected all aspects of development in the region.

"The regent does not want to work and then the people are victims of a lot, it cannot be like that. So, I hope if you do not want to work, please resigned from office, and show the integrity of the regent to solve problems in the area"

"And I hope, every regent who is given trust by the state and society, carry out the duties (government and community services) not half-and-half," he said.

Doren added that currently the Papua Provincial Government has not been able to take action related to the issue in Intan Jaya. Because it is still waiting for the official report from the Regent of Intan Jaya to take further action.

"(But how would you take action) so far, there is a problem in Intan Jaya, the regent never reported to the governor. How do we want to review and follow up, if the report has not existed until now," he complained.

It is known that the government in Intan Jaya Regency, Papua, has not run since the beginning of 2021 due to a series of terror attacks by armed criminal groups (KKB).

The regent and the ranks had left Sugapa in early January, due to security factors and the lack of internet network support to prepare the regional budget this year.