Regional Secretary Asks DETIKDA to Help Integrate Information Technology Management System in Regional Apparatus Organization

The Provincial Government of Papua is currently focusing on encouraging the implementation of e-government-based government. Where the entire Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) at the provincial level has started to build services based on information technology, but it has not been well integrated between one system and another.

In response to this, Regional Communication Information Technology Council (DETIKDA) was asked to integrate the system throughout the Regional Apparatus Organization.

"This includes assisting Regional Apparatus Organization in technical matters, and collaborating directly with technical agencies in the field of communication and information or other agencies," explained Acting Regional Secretary of Papua Doren Wakerkwa, in Jayapura, Thursday (11/2/2021). 

According to the Secretariat, the presence of DETIKDA Papua is considered an important existence that has the main task and function to give input on the formulation of policy preparation or regional regulation in the field of information technology. This aims to increase competitiveness in this digital era.

According to the Secretariat, information and communication technology is considered to contribute to the handling of COVID-19, because it is used to drive various strategic sectors amidst limitations to conduct activities and mobilization.

Because during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the effort to deal with the virus are highly correlated with information and communication technology.

"Therefore, this must also be a concern for DETIKDA of Papua, in order to be able to contribute actively and provide solutions and breakthroughs in the use and development of digital space for service improvement in Papua Province".

"Because with the acceleration of infrastructure development and connectivity between regions in the development of comprehensive communication and information from the center to the interior of Papua, DETIKDA is expected to contribute in the form of contribution of thought as well as solutions," he said.

Previously, Regional Secretary of Papua Province Doren Wakerkwa appointed the board of the Regional Communication Information Technology Council of Papua Province during 2019-2024.

The inauguration was witnessed by the Head of Communication and Information Department, Jery A. Yudianto and the ranks.