Central Bureau of Statistics: Papua Exports Decreased 42.96 Percent in January 2021

Papua's Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) released exports data in January 2021 worth US$232.22 million or decreased by 42.96 percent compared to the previous month of US$ 407.13 million.

According to the Head of Central Bureau of Statistics of Papua Adriana Helena Carolina, judging by the type, Papua's exports in January is only in the form of non-oil and gas worth US$ 232.22 million.

Where exports to six major countries in January 2021 were recorded at US$ 181.53 million or decreased by 48.26 percent compared to its value in December 2020 of US$ 350.87 million.

"While exports to other countries amounted to US$50.69 million in January 2021 or decreased by 9.92 percent compared to December 2020, amounting to US$56.27 million," she said.

Papuan imports, she continued, in January 2021 were also recorded at US$10.45 million or decreased by 57.59 percent compared to imports in December 2020 worth US$24.64 million.

Where imports of 10 major non-oil and gas groups in January 2021 were recorded at US$8.31 million or decreased by 2.66 percent compared to December 2020 of US$ 8.53 million.

Meanwhile, imports from seven major countries in January 2021 stood at US$9.12 million, a decrease of 38.27 percent compared to December 2020.

"While the three largest suppliers of goods to Papua in January 2021 are Australia worth US$8.77 million (83.88per cent), South Korea with imports worth US$0.88 million (8.41 percent), and Papua New Guinea (PNG) worth US$0.39 million (3.73 percent)," she concluded.