Intan Jaya Refugees Get 120 Tons of Rice

The protracted armed conflict in Intan Jaya has left thousands of citizens displaced and afraid to do gardening. The threat of famine is still waiting in sight, although local governments have taken a number of steps.

In response, the Ministry of Social Affairs finally responded to the request of the Papua Provincial Government by providing 120 tons of rice for Intan Jaya refugees.

Symbolic handover by Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal will be in early March 2021 to the Regent of Intan Jaya in Nabire, interrupted by a Revival Service (KKR).

"On March 4, 2021 I will be in Nabire handing over rice assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs. But I have also ordered the head of Provincial Social Services to provide foodstuffs other than rice".

"Like salt, coconut oil may also be a sarong for children and so on. So, we in the province are trying to make sure that Intan Jaya refugees are safe, comfortable and can return with their villages well," explained Deputy Governor Klemen in his statement to the press, Tuesday (23/2/2021), in Jayapura.

Not only food aid, continued Klemen, Papua Provincial Government will provide health care assistance for intan Jaya residents who are displaced. 

"But technically for health assistance and new medicines will be discussed tomorrow (Wednesday, red). Including we will involve the transportation for rice transportation and others," he said.

The latest data, there are 600 families of refugees in Intan Jaya due to armed conflict. The most refugees are in Sugapa (the capital of Intan Jaya Regency), Nabire and Mimika. Only for Nabire and Mimika will there be further data collection.

In the same place, Deputy Regent of Intan Jaya Yan Koboyau said the last situation in Sugapa, Intan Jaya, has gradually recovered. Where there are already a few refugees who return to the village.

Therefore, he hopes that through a meeting with the Papua Provincial Government, there is a strategy to make recovery in the region.

Meanwhile, Papua Social Service Chief Rebekah Haluk confirmed that the distribution of foodstuff aid will begin on Wednesday.

"Although the symbolic handover will be in early March, we will hand over the aid first so that the displaced people can get help," he said.