High Rainfall, People Asked to Be Aware

High intensity rainfall in Jayapura City and District on Sunday (21/2/2021) night to Monday (22/2/2021) resulting in several waterlogged spots. One of them is in the building area of YPKP Sentani High School, Jayapura Regency.

Head of Conservation Board of Natural Resources of Papua, Edward Sembiring who conducts monitoring mentions the water level is even limited to adult calves. Water also flows rapidly to a lower surface.

In response, he urged the community to remain calm but must be vigilant with the situation and conditions in each environment.

"Residents should be observant to read the signs of nature as a mitigation measure or reduce the risk of disasters at the earliest"

"That is, that way we can anticipate all possibilities. And the main thing is that we can reduce the impact of losses that may arise from the natural situation," explained Edward in Jayapura on Wednesday.

From the recent monitoring of the Conservation Board of Natural Resources of Papua, the six rivers that flow within the Cycloop Mountain Nature Reserve area show a normal situation despite the murky water conditions.

Monitoring began on 4 to 13 February 2021 in Ibhoy River, Taruna, Sereh, Makanuay, Ular, and Kemiri, where the whole showed a stable discharge of water with no indication of blockage.

However, the monitoring team reported two landslides in the Ibhoy River. Where the first point is 300 meters from the boundary of the Cycloop Mountain Nature Reserve area, while the second point is 2,500 meters from the boundary of the area.

"Landslide material does not form a natural dam, although at the first landslide point there is a narrowing of the river. The team will continue to monitor the conditions in the field and report directly the results through the official social media of Conservation Board of Natural Resources of Papua, both Facebook and Instagram," he said.