The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Encourages Acceleration of IT Network Development in Papua

Member of Commission I of the House of Representatives Yan Permenas Mandenas is committed to encourage the acceleration of the development of Information Technology (IT) networks covering the availability of 4G internet in the Land of Cenderawasih region.

The commitment was delivered by Yan Mandenas, after meeting members of the Papua Information Committee (KI) and the Papua Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) facilitated by the Head of the Papua Communication and Informatics Office on Thursday night.

"So that there is no longer a region in Papua that has blank spots or uncoverable telecommunication or internet networks," explained Yan.

He on that occasion committed to reaffirming the status of the Information Committee and Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission. The two institutions must get clarity on the charging of personnel as well as the financing of the organization.

"So that the allocation of financing is more emphasized in the future. Including we encourage there is an MoU between governors throughout Indonesia and the Minister of Information related to the financing of these two institutions. So that in the future all are committed to empowering and making this organization as a partner of local government".

"Because this institution encourages the role of public supervision to run optimally, keeping public information disclosure running well including in the field of broadcasting services," he said.

Meanwhile, the head of Papua Information Department Jery A. Yudianto appreciated the visit of Member of Commission I of the House of Representatives, Yan Permenas Mandenas.

He hopes that members of the House of Representatives of the Papua Electoral District can help the local government encourage the availability of IT networks, which is currently preparing for the implementation of National Sports Week XX 2021.

"So before National Sports Week but also after the four-yearly event is over, the availability of more specialized IT networks internet can be better than before," he hoped.