Improving the Competence of English Teachers, Department of Education, Library and Regional Archives of Papua Cooperates with Tangata Language

The Provincial Government of Papua through the local Department of Education, Library and Regional Archives (DPPAD), collaborated with Tangata language house educational institutions domiciled in Jayapura, to cooperate in improving the competence of English teachers in all Vocational High Schools (SMK).

According to the Head of Education, Library and Regional Archives Department of Papua, Christian Sohilait, for early-stage cooperation, as many as 12 Vocational High Schools in Papua will be used as pilot projects for English teacher competency improvement programs in 2021.

It hopes that through cooperation, there can be a transfer of knowledge to vocational school teachers, which is then continued to students, in order to be a provision for them when entering the world of work.

"Nowadays, English language skills are needed in the world of industry and business. Therefore, it is very important that this program is implemented for teachers in vocational schools".

"And this Tangata Language House institution will carry out the program with us. Where for the initial stage, we will strengthen the ability of teachers in 12 vocational schools in Papua," explained Christian after signing the cooperation with Tangata Language House in Jayapura City, Wednesday (31/3/2021).

For the time being, this program will only be implemented in 12 vocational schools, but will be held continuously by adjusting to the budgeting in the Education, Library and Regional Archives Department of Papua.

While the reason for choosing vocational school, because the institution is more in contact with matters related to English. For example, machines and electrical systems that are ensured to all use words in English.

"So through this program, we hope that vocational schools will not only make Human Resources (HR) who have high skills in certain fields, but also have English language skills".

"Because of our evaluation many children who graduate with good skills, but once entered the industry constrained English and finally overtaken by others," he said.

Wella Saroi, Operations Manager of Tangata Language House, appreciated the cooperation. The institution ensures that it is ready to develop the quality of vocational school teachers in English.

"The point is we want to give understanding to teachers so that in the future we do not give monotonous English. Instead how these subjects become something that pleases students.

"Because the average student is already good in grammar but lacks of speaking," he concluded.