Do not let Presidential Instruction 9 of 2020 Has No Power

Officials of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) are asked to encourage the ministry of institutions in Jakarta, to support the existence of Presidential Decree 9 of 2020 on Accelerating Welfare Development in Papua and West Papua Provinces, through allocation and budget financing.

This was conveyed by Papuan Regional Secretary Dance Yulian Flassy to the press, interrupted by a meeting with KSP officials in Jayapura, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

Not until there, Dance requested the coordination and supervision of the President, directly under the control of President Jokowi. Thus, the legal product has a "spur" even the power to accelerate welfare and development in Papua.

"If there is no direct supervision from the President it could be just a name. Because until now, the regents asked, there is no budget for this Presidential Instruction to implement it," he exclaimed.

Dance said, from existing experience, a number of legal products published to accelerate development in Papua were not maximal.

"Even to invite the ministry of institutions alone in order to coordinate the program of a legal product acceleration development, it is quite difficult," he said.

Therefore, he hopes that there is structured supervision from the top leadership, so that the development process carried out for Papua, is really on target.

"An example of our problem in Papua is the price gap between coastal and mountainous goods. An egg can be up to IDR 15 thousand in the mountainous area, also about inflation and so on".

"Well, if all the ministries of institutions do not cooperate with the Papuan Government to solve this problem, then until the end of the government (President Jokowi), there will be no result for Papua. Therefore, all parties must commit and support this Presidential Instruction," he concluded.