The companies must give Eid Allowance in full and on time

The Papua Provincial Government encourages company owners in Papua to provide Eid Al-Fitr Allowance (THR) for employees, paid in full and on time.

This is as stated by the Head of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, SMEs and Labor Department of Papua, Omah Laduani Ladamay, in Jayapura on Friday.

According to Laduani, the full payment as instructed by the Minister of Manpower, which is enforced nationally or to all provinces in Indonesia.

"The point is Eid Allowance payments by companies and employers to their employees this year, without deductions as happened in 2020. 

"So we appeal to all employers in the Papua Province to be able to follow the instructions of the minister. And remember, the payment must also be made before Eid or H-7," he explained.

Laduani understands there are still a number of companies in Papua whose businesses have not returned to normal. Nevertheless, it hopes that the policies of the central government must be adhered to. Because there are sanctions awaiting companies and entrepreneurs who do not carry out the policy.

"Indeed, we admit that we are still in the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it can be seen today that economic activity has started to return to passion".

"Even community activities have also started to return to normal so automatically policies and obligations must also be balanced. Therefore, we hope that this policy can be implemented by all relevant parties in Papua," he hoped.